Unique Approach to Heal Chronic Pain – June 17, 2023

Ready for sustainable relief from your chronic muscle or joint pain?
Do you want to experience effortless good posture and ease of movement?
Then explore the BIA Process™ [Body Intelligence Activation Process™]
based on the Alexander Technique, well known by performers, Olympic athletes,
and people of all walks of life who want to reduce, eliminate, or prevent chronic tension or pain.

Join me in Brookline, MA
for this IN PERSON 90 minutes Workshop
to understand and get a taste of the solution to your challenge.

Saturday June 17, 2023 at Noon EST

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What people are saying about Cécile’s work….

“Back pain had been my daily grind for 4 years. Whether upright or lying down, the pain never ceased. After many Acupuncture sessions, weekly massages, daily stretching exercises, many months of twice weekly chiropractic and three months of Physical Therapy, and a last resort visit to the Spine Center (where they prescribed a common anticonvulsant and nerve pain medication which I took for about 3 months).

I finally, by luck, saw an ad for Cecile’s work in Natural Awakenings Magazine. By the end of my 1st session, I knew we were diving into things no one else had even touched upon previously. By my 3rd and 4th session my back pain which had been so deeply entrenched began to lessen. …….. I am and have been, for many months, pain-free. Cecile is one of those rare practitioners intent on getting to the root of the issue. I am so deeply grateful our paths intersected and I am able to lead a life devoid of back pain.” David C.