The page below is an excerpt of a new book called Body Wisdom Magic that is introducing people who have not worked with me to my Integrated Functioning teachings in an inspiring way. It was initially designed for people who worked with me as a way to help them stay with their new-found awareness in daily life.

It covers 5 key relationships in the body that promote Integrated Functioning and wellbeing when used as they were designed. At the bottom of each page, there is an Integrated Functioning tip for the body part or concept addressed in the text above.

It is my hope it will be beneficial and insightful for many people and I just can’t wait to get it published!:)

Body Intelligence refers to the way we were designed to function and the blueprint all healthy human inherits at birth despite the differences between all human beings. It is about our mind/body construct.

Body Wisdom refers to the intuitive nature of our body. It includes body intelligence but also energetic influences, emotional perceptions from our psyche parts, and more… It is about our mind, body, heart and soul connections and also about how we relate with our environment and others.

Body Wisdom Magic is meant to complement my previous book The Wise Way to Yoga!