Cécile Raynor

Speaker, Author,
Alexander Technique teacher, Integrated Functioning Coach.

There is a kind of chronic tension and pain that is avoidable, yet millions of people suffer from chronic pain, even when otherwise healthy. Living with pain affects our decisions and behavior, with ourselves and others, it limits our life. There is a unique yet efficient solution to prevent or resolve this kind of chronic tension and pain without medication.

As a culture, we inherited unconscious misconceptions around movements, posture, and self-image from the beginning of modern fitness. As a result, we misuse and overuse our body. This leads us to chronic tension and injuries when there is a way to reverse this widespread trend.

It’s easy to feel like a victim when we suffered from emotional trauma, and who doesn’t at the time we experience it whether real or imagined. However, over time, when we process our emotions, it is possible to find a gift emerging from that experience. It is often a stepping stone guiding us to our life calling.

Cécile is a gifted teacher, has magical hands and a big heart. …

I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone who has an interest in the Alexander Technique and is eager to learn from a skilled practitioner and educator.

Adam N, Lawyer