What Are Integrated Practices?

Integrated practices includes ways of moving, being, and eating based on the harmonious functioning of unified body parts, of mind, body, and spirit, fueled by whole-food nutrition. They allow us to be less reactive so we can respond to life in a way that promotes inner peace and joy, as well as better relationships within our environment. Integrated practices allow sustainable health and fitness.

These Practices offer valuable insights and experiences for you to be successful and promote your wellbeing whether you want to reclaim ease of movement or to improve your posture, whether you want to practice or teach yoga with more depth and efficiency, whether you want to improve your sport or musical instrument skills, your singing voice, or whether you want to enhance your health through whole-food nutrition.

The foundation for this way of working and being is the Alexander Technique which is the best-kept secret of Olympic athletes and famous performers who swear by it. It helps athletes reach their highest potential with optimal safety. It helps performers reach their best performance as they embody a new character in its fullness. In essence, they shine their light in their field of expertise as they learn to get out of their own way.

You can learn this as well and be the best you can be!