Mind/Body Stress Relief And Integrated Functioning for Mothers of All Ages

Experiential Webinar

Integrated Functioning is absolutely natural in all healthy children and animals but
in adults, it needs to be reclaimed through expanded awareness.

This is an offer to mothers for a chance to chill out with a cup of tea in their hand while they are connecting with each other around the challenges and joys of being a mom. It includes a relaxing experience with Mindful Movements to promote Integrated Functioning & Mind/Body Stress Relief.

This event can be for yourself if you are a mother, it could be for your wife or your own mother as a gift for Mother’s Day. Women of all ages are welcome. Women’s perspectives from different age group can be very supportive in a group of women. 

Join me on May 12, 2022 at 7PM to enjoy this special event.

1.5 hour experiential webinar
with Cécile Raynor

Thursday May 12, 2022 7PM to 8.30PM EST