The Wise Yoga Tribe has been Launched

You are invited and you can
join us by clicking this link!

Below are excerpts from “A New Tribe is Emerging” a News-brief
in the Natural Awakening Magazine April 2021

“You are invited to join the Wise Yoga Tribe, a community born out of a need to help yoga lovers of all levels, especially those with concerns and questions for themselves or others, with chronic tension or pain not being resolved by the practice of yoga.

The Wise Yoga Tribe is an inclusive community for people of all body types, fitness levels, gender or ethnic background. It is to explore or be part of the discussion on how to practice and teach yoga the wise way, directed by whole- body intelligence, allowing each practitioner to know instantly how to do a pose that is appropriate for their body in each moment.”

“Never before has there been a wise yoga that can be applied to both power and gentle yoga for best performance and optimal safety because the focus is not on the perfection of the poses, but on using our body as a whole and in line with its intelligence. As a result, chronic tension and pain can be prevented on and off the mat, and yoga practitioners can focus on all the benefits yoga has to offer.”

“Interested individuals are invited to join this purpose-driven community to practice more efficiently as a practitioner, to deeply impact more students as a teacher, and, in the process, to contribute as a tribe to the wise evolution of modern yoga. “It is designed to help us, all yoga lovers, to be the change we want to see happen in the world and to make an impactful difference for this generation,” says Raynor.”

To join the Wise Yoga Tribe community, click here!

For more information, call 857 245-9488