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“Cécile opened many new doors for me, and I continue to get deep benefits 5 years into my study with her. Her warm and centered spiritual outlook informs everything she does, especially her teaching. You know you can trust her. Cécile has really changed my life and I’m very grateful to her!”
John F. Berkley Music Professor

Interested in Embodied Life Coaching to reclaim Ease of Movement and Ease of Being?

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Speaking Engagements

If you are interested in hiring Cécile for speaking engagements, here are a few of her topics and a link below to learn more. Her talks are educational, inspirational, and can be experiential as well.


Cécile knows her stuff. Her ability to tell her story and paint the picture of what’s possible for us all when we learn to truly pay attention to our bodies and our posture is highly compelling. She has a clear and strong conviction and is a champion for our health. It’s almost like she has x-ray vision and can see into our bones and has the body wisdom to restore us to our best personal blueprint. Listen and grow!” ~ Lynnea Brinkerhoff, Executive Coach and Interfaith Minister

What people say about Cécile …….

My chronic muscle stiffness and joint pain improved drastically after taking an online course with Cécile. I learned how to heal and prevent these conditions as I discovered a more integrated way of moving which gets to the root of what was causing my discomfort . Cécile is an exceptional teacher and a joy to learn from”. Lance Platt, Nurse

“Cécile is very skilled at what she does & an amazing teacher. I have had so many insights due to her three-month program. Great for yogis, dancers and anyone who wants to feel better in their skin. This is so needed in the yoga world! Thanks, Cecile for your beautiful work!” 
Relinde Moors – Yoga Instructor, Dancer & Choreographer

Cécile is the real deal. Working with her has transformed my Yoga Practice, a practice I can honestly say feels empowering, grounding and free of excess tension. It is positively impacting my posture and movement in my daily life too.  Introducing me to her foundational skill, Cécile taught me that “no pain no gain” is really a myth and that the more I trust my body to activate the right muscles at the right time, the more powerful my practice gets.” Mona Kelly – Yoga teacher, Pilates Instructor