Activate Your Body Intelligence Course

I am passionate about embodied learning and how this work has helped so many people over the years. That’s why I am really excited to share this new version of my 7-week course, “Activate your Body Intelligence” launching on October 24, 2022.

This is a LIVE Online Course including 7 Pre-Recorded Training Modules & 7 Live Group Coaching Sessions to help students go deeper with the material introduced in the FREE Event by discovering unconscious habits feeding their chronic tension or pain. The discovering and unlearning happens through activities meaningful to each participants including personal feedback. Part of the LIVE class includes relaxing mindful movements designed to promote integrated functioning in any situation.

In this transformational course, I personally guide you to move in an integrated way so that you can instantly experience ease of movement. As you integrate this work in your daily life,  your body no longer has any reason to call for your attention with chronic tension or pain whatever the activity you engage in. Click the following link:
Activate Your Body Intelligence & Create Healing Space towards Freedom from Chronic Tension or Pain.

What People Are Saying
About Their Experience of the Course

Cecile’s course is truly transformative. The class has helped me to identify habits that were contributing to discomfort in my body and then taught me how to integrating new ones that are good for the entire body. Since taking Cecile’s course, my aches and pains have been replaced with ease and expansion. Trevin Nelson, Yoga Teacher & Musician

Your course has been absolutely wonderful for my body and mind. I have been doing the active resting every day – it makes so much sense to ‘us’ (mind and body:) ). It’s interesting to note that even in the first week I did not have certain issues that I often have in times of stress.” ~Petra Pecaric, College Music Professor

Your course is beautiful and you are a delightful teacher. I gained a lot from it and am so happy I took it. I am grateful for the simplicity of your course. AND I do see that the complexity comes from learning how to apply this new approach in the midst of daily life. I found your course enormously valuable. So thank you very much!”  ~Linda Hedquist, Holistic Health Practitioner

Activate Your Body Intelligence & Create Healing Space towards Freedom from Chronic Tension or Pain