Unique Approach to Heal Chronic Pain – June 17, 2023

We all have inherited some misconceptions around movement and posture which are affecting you right now! Yet, there is a way to activate your Body Intelligence to clear the chronic tension or pain coming from those misconceptions for you. Curious? Join Cécile for this In-Person 90 minutes Workshop. Click the link for details.


This is a book in the making that is meant to be educational and inspiring in a unique way. It is illustrated with Cecile’s artwork and can be used daily for nuggets of wisdom that can help your day feel so much better! Check the excerpt on this page!

Freedom From Chronic Tension – Encore Replay Available

Register for a replay to reveal 3 foundational pathways to reclaim a pain-free life.

Mind/Body Stress Relief And Integrated Functioning for Mothers of All Ages

Enjoy a chance to chill out and connect, with a relaxing experience of Mindful Movements to promote Integrated Functioning and Mind/Body Stress Relief


AT for Musicians is a 3 hour introductory and experiential workshop for anyone to relieve pain and experience ease of movement when playing